3D Printing En Plein Air

3D Printing En Plein Air from Laura Devendorf on Vimeo.

This project explores the role of place in digital fabrication. I created it in order to take a step back from the exploring the relationship between hand and machine to consider the role of the entire body-in-space and the machine. I like to think of it as a way to bring generative, site specific, and instruction art into conversation with one another.

The systems consists of a portable easel, laser guide, and mobile app. The mobile app converts images of the environment into 3D models to be fabricated. The laser guide draws the motions a 3D printer would make to create the model and invites the maker to follow by hand. All building materials, hardware, and components fold into the portable easel in an effort to make it easy to bring digital manufacturing workflows into unlikely places. More experiments to follow.

This project was completed as part of the Autodesk Artist-in-Residence program. The technical details and building “how-to”‘s are contained in this Instructable